Review the contract below. If you agree, then call Random Acts of Consignment for a time to come on in, gather your items, sign a contract, and we’ll begin sorting your items for consignment.

20 N. Main Street, Florida, NY  20921                            Ph. # 845-651-7012

Consignor agrees to pay an annual system administration fee of $10.

Consignor agrees to leave consigned items in shop for 90-day display before status becomes “expired.”

Consignor agrees to find and return expired items within 5 business days after the 90-day period.

Consignor understands that if expired items aren’t picked up, they become property of Random Acts of Consignment (RandomAoC).

Consignor agrees to accept 40% of sale price unless otherwise indicated on their account viewed at:

Consignor agrees to bring items: new or like-new, designer or name brand, freshly laundered, in current fashion and season, with no stains, no wrinkles, no pet hair, no odors, and needing no repairs.

Consignor agrees to accept 30% of sale price if item is found in need of extra care.

Consignor agrees to check their account status at and pickup, within one week, any item designated as “returned” due to odors or lost button or other problem.

Consignor agrees that merchandise pricing and discounts are at the discretion of RandomAoC management and may not be disputed by consignor. It is the consignor’s responsibility to advise of lowest acceptable price at time of consignment.

Consignor understands RandomAoC does not assume liability for any consigned items that may become lost, stolen, or damaged while on the premises; that policies are subject to change at any time without notice; and that all transactions and disputes will take place in Florida, N.Y.

Consignor agrees to receive funds owed to them no more than once a month. Consignor may use funds as credit in the RandomAoC store.

Consignor understands that any lost or damaged checks paid to consignors are the responsibility of the consignor.